Monday, November 5, 2012

Smart Business Move or Just Mean?

I saw this a few weeks ago:

Yes, that is a Weight Watchers located right next door to a Lane Bryant.

I have to wonder which store came first, and what the board meeting looked like when the second company announced it's location.  I imagine the Weight Watchers crew laughing cruelly as they rub their hands together, thinking of all the business they'll gain.

Do you think one of them is loosing business to the other?  I have to imagine it mostly goes in favor of Weight Watchers.  But maybe not.  Maybe some woman is walking out of a Weight Watchers meeting thinking how very hard it is to loose weight, and then sees cute, fashionable clothes in the windows of Lane Bryant and says, "Screw it, I can dress cutely without losing weight!"

(Yes, NaBloPoMo is kicking my butt and it is only day 5.  I don't want to talk about it.)


  1. That is hilarious! The only thing better would be a Baskin Robbins on the other side of WW.

  2. A very ironic picture, indeed!


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