Wednesday, November 28, 2012

On Sickness

We've had a sick little Cyrus around here this week.  He's been running a high fever, coughing and just generally feeling miserable.  We've been really lucky with out kids - they rarely get sick, and when they do, it is not a very big deal.  Cyrus has had high fevers before, but they usually have no affect on him.  This time, though, he has been wiped out.  In fact, this happened, twice:

Cy fell asleep on the couch the past two days while watching a movie.  I realize this is common place for many kids, but Cy has only fallen asleep somewhere other than his bed or the car maybe twice in his life.  He fell asleep during Hook (remember that movie?) during the big fight scene - not exactly a quiet, soothing lullaby.

Pita (that's the name we settled on for our dog, by the way) has wanted nothing more than to be with Cyrus. He, of course, has wanted nothing to do with her.  This time, she managed to sneak up on the couch after he fell asleep.

We've taking bets on who will contract this miserable illness next.  Because of the high fever and some weird breathing issues, Cy has been sleeping with us the past few nights, which means I have been breathing in his sick germs all night.  However, Hattie is showing some sick signs, so maybe she is next.

In other news, I have discovered the fail-safe cure for kid illness - making a doctor's appointment.  Since Saturday afternoon, Cyrus has barely moved off of the couch, and has only spoken when totally necessary.  He's cracked a handful of weak smiles.  This afternoon I called to see I should bring him in, and because of the weird breathing stuff, they said yes.  That was at 2 pm   I took his temperature and with a reading of 105.1, I gave him some Tylenol   By the time we reached the doctor's office at 4:30, he barely looked sick!  he smiled, laughed, chatted up the doctor, bounced around the doctor's office - seriously?  I mean, I was happy to see him feeling better, but maybe he could have done that before I made the appointment!  This seriously happens to me every time one of my kid's gets sick  Of course, tonight his fever is back up and looks all sickly again, poor little guy.

Having a sick kid around the house has been extra tricky with a needy puppy and an even needier 14 month old.  Pita is used to spending lots of time outside, and Hattie is used to all kinds of adventures.  Instead, we've been hanging out on the couch.  In the process of trying to keep everyone happy, the house got a little out of control today:

Here's hoping that we, or at least I, miraculously avoid the nastiness!

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