Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hattie's Adventures as of late

 It would seem that Hattie has a stubborn streak.  Everything is on her terms, and very little can be done to persuade her in a different direction.  When she does not get her way, she either whaps me about the face or performs what has become known as the exorcist: she arches her back, throws her head back, screams at the top of her lungs and thrashes about.  It is awesome.  I usually just put her gently on the ground and wait for her to work it out.

Her need to do things on her terms also means that she isn't really walking yet.  I realize that 13 months isn't particularly late to have crawling as the primary  mode of transportation; however, she started taking independent steps 2 months ago!  She could walk forever if I hold just one of her hands.  If any adult tries to stand her up and send her walking to another adult, she promptly drops to a crawl position, all the while sporting a coy little smile.  I'm ready for her to be walking already, but I guess she'll just do it when she wants to.

Despite not walking yet, she actually seems more coordinated than Cy was at this age.  She climbs into everything:

 For the record, I neither put her in there nor shut the door - that was all her.  And, as soon as I took the picture, I got her right out!

She had discovered our cozy coup, and while she can't make it go forward yet, she is great at getting stuck!


There's a happy face...

...oops, not anymore!


  1. Hattie sounds like Tobin! Tobin's nickname is "Tobin Vicious" because he will wallop me (or whomever) on the head if he doesn't get his way. He also prefers crawling as his mode of transportation. At 16 months he is just beginning to gain the confidence to let go of my hand and take some independent step. Take heart, the longer they crawl the better readers they are known to be. (as long as they crawl opposite hand-foot). She sounds like a fun little handful!

    1. It relieves me that mine is not the only one! Maybe it's a second child thing...

  2. Oh and Tobin's favorite spot is in one of the three dog crates. I admit, sometimes I just leave him there because I know where he is and I can get something done without chasing him around the house! He likes it, he can get out if he wants and he usually enjoys it long enough for me to say, get a latte made for myself.


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