Sunday, November 4, 2012

Seriously, why is this so hard?

We have had our new puppy for about a week, and she still has no name.  We have gone through about half a dozen names, but none feel right.  Don't ask me why this is such a big deal, but it is.  Part of the problem is that Jason and I have a hard time agreeing on names for anything - naming our children was an epic, 4 month battle.  Harriette wasn't named until two hours after she was born!

The other problem is that we (and I mostly mean me) are perfectionists.  We (I) have all this criteria that the name should meet:

1.  It shouldn't be masculine, but also shouldn't be fluffy and cute.  Our last dog, Jager, was a girl dog, but with a very masculine name, and it was therefore always assumed that she was a boy dog.  I'm trying to avoid that this go around, but so many names we like are pretty masculine. 
2.  I'm not a huge fan of human names for dogs, with a few exceptions.
3.  The name should have some kind of significance - this could be related to the dog (breed, country of origin, color, personality) or to us (places, times, events).  
4.  For training purposes, it should be 1 or 2 syllables.  This is one that derailed our most recent attempt at naming. 
5.  It should just "feel right".  This is, of course, the hardest to qualify and to achieve, apparently. 

Here are the names we have tried on for size:

1. Durbin (as in the city in South Africa).  This is significant because 1) I did my study abroad program there while in college, and 2) the Rhodesian Ridgeback breed originates in Southern Africa.
2.  Indigo - Indie for short.  This name has no significance, we just thought it sounded cool
3.  Unami.  This was the name of a camp group at Trail Blazers, where I worked for several years, Jason worked for a few years, and where we got engaged.
4. Vesper.  Specifically, we got engaged in a part of camp called Vesper Glen.
5. Ditto.  Ok, this one is kind of dorky.  This dog reminds us so very much of Jager, it is as if she is a repeat, but not exactly the same, as Jager. 

Unami stuck the longest, but it is three syllables, and can't really be shortened in a way that makes sense.  Some of the others are leaning toward masculine.  

For the record, Cyrus would really like for us to name the dog King Benjamin.  That's probably not going to happen.

So.  Anyone have any thoughts?  Suggestions? Opinions?  We have started obedience training, so I really need to get this name thing solidified.  A few notes about the dog:

Rhodesian Ridgebacks originated in Southern Africa.  
They were bred to hunt lions. (I'm not kidding).
She has a lovely ridge down her back.
She will be about 80 lbs when full grown.
She will be an extremely powerful, fast animal (remember, she has to be able to stand up to lions).



  1. I like Durbin! It sounds like a good fit.

  2. I really like Durbin, and it has memories. I don't think it sounds too masculine at all.

  3. Here's two ideas:
    Caramel (pronounced as 2 syllables) - that's what I thought of when I saw her beautiful color. Am I hungry? ;) Maybe too cute or "fluffy" sounding...
    Pride - as it relates to lions, although it may be too masculine.
    So, yeah, not easy to name a child or a pet. Good luck!


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