Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Blog Fever and Being Shown Up

Apparently all of this posting has boosted my blogging confidence, and I now think that I'm capable of maintaining not one, but two blogs! Yep, that's right, tease me if you will, but I've started a blog for my child - well, about him really. I decided that I like this blog being about my experiences and perspectives, but realized that some of my family and friends really just want to hear about Cy (honestly, probably just his grandparents, but still). Plus, I'm pretty crappy at scrapbooking, so this is my compromise. At the moment the blog is open, but will soon be made private. If all two of you who read this blog want to read that one too, post a comment and I'll invite you. You can check it out here but know that I've essentially posted the first post here as well.

So about a month ago at Cy's 2 month check-up, we told his doctor that Cy absolutely despises tummy time. Every time we put him on his tummy he immediately dropped his head to the ground and began the closest thing to a temper tantrum that a 2 month old is capable of - screaming, crying and flailing of limbs. We told her that he pretty much just gives up. So she decides to see how he does on his tummy. She grabbed him by the arms and put him on his tummy. Here comes the being shown up part. His arms were straight back against his sides and the first thing he does is lift his chest up, mermaid style. then, he promptly rolls off of the exam table! Fortunately, the doctor was quick and she caught him. Making liers out of us already!

Of course, we get home, and he's having none of it. He flat out refuses to roll over, and though he gives it a minute or two before the wailing begins, he's still pretty unhappy on his tummy. Fast forward to this past Saturday and we have a friend over. After explaining just how much he hates tummy time, we put Cy on his tummy, and what does he do? Rolls over! Shown up again! We tried to get him to do it again later that day and the following day, but yet again, he was having none of it.

Finally yesterday, the day he turned three months old, I put him on his tummy and - voila! He rolled over. Still not convinced it wasn't a fluke, I put him back on his tummy and again! He rolled over! Four times in total and once this morning tells me we've reached another milestone! And, just for a little shameless bragging, here's a video clip:


  1. That's a great video of Cyrus! Maura hasn't rolled over yet, but she definitely rocks the mermaid pose during tummy time.

  2. I definitely want an invitation to Cy's blog!

    All babies hate tummy time. That's why you just have to be consistent and do it for short spurts. Kind of like beginning an exercise regimen is for an adult.

  3. I've kind of figured out that babies hate tummy time but at first I thought I was doing something terribly wrong. He seriously sounded like he was being tortured. Of course, that's what he sounds like when I put him down for a nap too, and I know that's good for him!

  4. Yea! for Cyrus! That's great. Only a few more months until he is on the move! Jameson was one of those ODD babies and he liked tummy time, but I admit he slept on his tummy from the time he was born. Perhaps because of this he didn't mind it. I love reading the baby blogs and yes I would like an invite.

  5. Just remember Babies and Pets will always make a liar out you!!! You take a child with a fever to the Dr's and the fever miraculosly disappears. You take a limpping dog to the vet and all of a sudden she prances around and doesn't look lame at all. Now that you have phone's with video you can at least have proof! We weren't so advanced when you were a baby.


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