Sunday, April 17, 2011

Why do I Ever Make Plans?

Cyrus and I arrived in Denver yesterday for another month so that I can work 30 hours a week for my uncle.  Jason took Friday off to facilitate the laundry/packing process.  As I often do when I have a lot to accomplish, I had a basic schedule laid out in my  head of how Friday should go:

6:00am  Wake up, play downstairs, eat breakfast
8:00am  Go for a walk with Cyrus and Jager
9:00am  Get home, start laundry
11:30am In and Out for Lunch (what, I've been having a craving!)
12:00pm Home, Cyrus down for a nap, pack while he sleeps
2:30pm   Cyrus wakes up, we go do something fun, like go swimming or go to the park
5:00pm   Get home and make dinner, which we then eat together as a family
7:00pm  Cyrus to bed, Jason and I spend the rest of the evening relaxing
10:00pm  Go to bed

I should know by now that when I make plans, God laughs.  Here's how my day actually went:

7:00am Wake up (Cy slept in, can't complain about that!)

7:30am  Change Cy's diaper, and notice that the incisions from the surgery he had a few weeks ago are looking really red and swollen and are emitting...stuff.  Make mental note to call the urologist who did the surgery.

9:00am  Finally leave for my walk.  While on my walk, have a random thought that we haven't had to call our landlord in four months.

10:00am  Get home.  Notice Cyrus is falling more than usual.  Conduct several "tests" where we try to get him to run and walk between us.  He refuses to run, will only take a few steps before he starts whimpering, and his legs keep buckling.  He starts refusing to walk, or will only take really small steps.

10:30am  Jason Googles toddler leg pain while I call the pediatrician.  Panic slightly (or more than slightly) when Jason says that Google turned up Leukemia.  Also, scold Jason for Googling! Start a load of laundry.

11:30  Get to the pediatrician's office, and decide to have her look at the incisions as well as at Cy's legs

12:00pm  Doctor determines that he probably has an infection and that the infection is probably causing the leg pain (no Leukemia - yay!).  Advises us to call the urologist.  Explains that we might have to go to the emergency room for tests and whatnot.

12:30pm  In and Out for Lunch (one thing went right so far).  On the way, try to reach the urologist's office, but they are at lunch.  Leave a message for the on-call doctor

1:10pm  Head home.  Leave another message for the on-call doctor.  Feel annoyed that they are supposed to be back from lunch but still have their "away at lunch" message on. Cy falls asleep in the car.

1:30pm  Finally reach urologist office.  They are concerned and want us to come in right away.  Unfortunately, the only office they have open is 30 minutes away.

1:32pm  Walk by the laundry closet and notice an obscene amount of water spilling out of the closet.  Step on the laminate outside the closet and hear it squish.  Think it is the washing machine, so cease laundry process.  Call the landlord.

2:00pm  Landlord arrives, determines that it is our hot water heater is leaking.  Get Cy up from his nap (he stays asleep) and load him in the car.  Drive to the doctor's, freaking out the whole time that Cy has some awful infection that will get him hospitalized.  Figure this is what I get for having a practically always health baby.

3:00pm  Finally get in to see the doctor.  Find out that he has an infection, but not a major one.  Get a prescription for anti-biotics and are told to have fun on our trip.  Finally, things are starting to go our way!

5:00pm  After stopping for prescriptions and a few other things at Costco, we arrive home, and make Cyrus dinner.

6:00pm  Get ready to go visit someone from church, when the hot water heater tech shows up.  This is where it gets awesome, by the way!

6:40pm  Technician is still here.  Says he has to replace the water heater.  And, oh yeah, so much water leaked that we will need to get a crew in to rip up the floor and dry it out.

6:45pm  Feel extremely grateful that we are renting, and do not have to pay for this.

7:30pm  Tech finally leaves, instructing us that someone from a Remediation company is coming over shortly to deal with the water issue.  Says he'll be back in the morning to install new hot water heater.  Also says that we should still have hot water and can go head and shower (which, by the way, I haven't done yet)

7:40pm  Jason goes to give Cy a bath and discovers no hot water

7:42pm  I have a breakdown, and turn into a sobbing puddle on the couch because I can't take a hot shower or do laundry

7:45pm Get over myself.  Catch up on some emails while I listen to my poor child get an ice cold sponge bath.

8:00pm  Put Cy to bed.  Eat dinner with Jason

9:00pm  Sort through my dirty laundry so that I can pack it to go to Denver

9:15pm  Guy from Remediation company shows up.  Call landlord to come over and meet with him.  Find out that our entire living room floor will have to ripped up, and possible our kitchen floor and cabinets as well.  Feel thankful that I won't be here, but feel bad that Jason will be.

10:30pm  Still not done packing.  Demolition guy shows up to tear up the floor in the hallway outside of the laundry closet, set up huge blowers and seal off the hallway.

11:15pm  Finally work up the courage to take an icy cold shower, because a cold shower is better than no shower

11:40pm  Crawl into bed, exhausted, not relaxed but packed

Lessons Learned on Friday:

  • Don't make plans
  • Don't even think things like "I haven't had to call the landlord in 4 months"
  • Don't procrastinate laundry
  • Show first thing in the morning!
  • Even when things go all to crap, there can still be some shining morsels of positivity: ie, my child doesn't have Leukemia, and I don't have to pay thousands of dollars for a busted hot water heater
The hallway leading to our downstairs bathroom and laundry closet.  The result of an awesome day!

Hopefully, this has been our run of bad luck, and we are good now...although, maybe I should be careful thinking things like that!

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