Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Cloth Diapering Story: Part 3 - Fuzzibunz Follow Up

Jason reminded me the other day that I never followed up about our cloth diapering experience after my last post.  And, since it had a happy ending, I thought I would share.

As you may remember, I had quite a time finding the invoices, but thanks to the helpful people at Babyworks, we got them all together and finally got the diapers sent out about a week after I figured out that there was a problem.  During this time, I had to use disposables, which I just really didn't like.

It took the diapers about five days or so to get to Fuzzibunz, but fortunately their turn-around time was only about two days.  Then it took another four or five days to get them back to us.  I was a little nervous about what I would find. On the Fuzzibunz website, it states clearly that if your diapers are outside of the warranty period, you will be sent factory seconds.  I understand this with one or two faulty diapers, but not with all 24.  I was worried about that.  Also, when I called about sending in the diapers, I was told to send only the main diaper, and not the inserts (remember, the diapers came with two inserts).  I figured I would just get the diaper shells back as well.  Well, when I opened the box, it was to find 24 brand new diapers, in their regular packaging, with two more inserts!  That's right, I now have four total inserts per diaper. Probably more than I'll need, but nice just the same.  I also found two packages of super soft, thick cloths.  They seem too big to be wipes and too small to be burp cloths, but they are really nice and I love them.  Apparently, they were an added bonus for my trouble!

We have had those diapers back for over a month and have not had a single leaking issue.  Also, while using the disposable diapers, I had several poop blowouts up the back of the diaper.  On at least one occassion this required me to not only change Cy's entire outfit and the changing pad cover, but also to bath him, as I managed to spread poop all over his body and head as I took off his clothes.  This scenario has NEVER happened with the cloth diapers.  I've only had one or two blowouts and they were out the legs, which is much more manageable.  I decided that I would take leaking urine over widespread poop any day.

So there you have it.  I love my cloth diapers.  I love Fuzzibunz, and I feel that I can recommend them.  Their customer service was stellar, and that can be a hard thing to find.  Plus, their product is genius!


  1. Yay for happy endings!! I was so disappointed that Jameson's skin erupts in horrible diaper rash with cloth diapers. I did everything, stripped them, washed them in hot water twice each load, rinsed them hot then cold water, change him constantly. Seriously, SO DISAPPOINTED. Then I used G-diapers, a nice alternative to disposable as you can flush them down the toilet, same thing happened. Urine makes my kid break out in the worst rash ever, from the top of his diaper all around his bum and frontal area. It was awful. The only diaper, ONLY one that doesn't do this is 7th Generation Diapers. I think he will be potty-trained early because of his sensitive skin issues.

  2. Thank you thank you for all your helpful tips and explanations. I am feeling that I can do this. :-)

  3. I am glad that the new Fuzzibunz are working! I had the same experience with disposable diapers 2 days before I switched to cloth. My baby had 2 poop blowouts that required a bath and I have never had that in cloth. Things actually are much more contained now- I love it and I never would have believed it before I tried it. Thanks for the follow up- I had been wondering how things were going.


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