Thursday, July 9, 2009

Baby Boy's Nursery Part 1

I never thought I would be one of those moms who cared about the nursery. I always figured that our baby needed a place to sleep and a place for clothes, and that was about it. We rarely put a lot of energy into decorating any other part of our house, and have always sported "craigslist shic" furniture. I don't know if it was the nesting urge, or the fact that we are finally living in a place where we can paint the walls, but I became mildly obsessed with the nursery. I wanted cute bedding, and matching crib and dresser, paint on the walls, and some kind of decorating scheme. Luckily, places like Babys R Us cater to the decorating challenged like me and have whole sets of coordinating nursery pieces, of which I took full advantage. However, the perfectionist and the cheapskate in me still came out and I agonized first over bedding patterns, then over cribs, and then over paint colors. We finally settled on what I think is cute bedding - fit for a baby but not pastels (not a fan of pastels), and we got our crib and changing table on major clearance, plus a 20% coupon!

Once we finally got the details sorted out, Jason and I kind of went on a marathon nursery weekend. We bought the paint Friday night, and finished the first coat at 2am...

The next day, Jason put on a second coat while I painted an old dresser. For some reason, we couldn't just leave assembling the changing table and crib for the next day, so we did those Saturday night...we finally finished at 3am!

As is usually the case, I am the designated directions reader and parts separator. If left to his own devices, Jason usually just goes for the gusto and ends up putting things together wrong and/or getting frustrated.

While putting together the crib at 2:00 in the morning, we both had the thought that maybe we shouldn't be putting something so necessary for our baby's safety together while in an exhausted and semi-loopy state of mind...however, neither of us said anything until the next day! I think it all turned out all right!

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